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Laser smoke detector protects particularly critical areas of buildings

Critical areas of buildings must be specially protected in every respect – the Labor Strauss Group is the competent and innovative partner for danger detection technology. The laser smoke detector 72051EI is one of the latest products of the company, and it has been developed especially for the fire protection in computer centres or telecommunication facilities, in clean rooms for semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceutical production, as well as in operating rooms in hospitals. Due to the sensitivity of the laser smoke detector, it is also used in smoke aspiration systems.

Laser smoke detector 100 times more sensitive
In these critical areas, fires must be detected as early as possible. The laser smoke detector 72051EI is provided with an optical sensing chamber that is based on the principle of scattered light. A laser diode is used as light source. Therefore, in comparison with ordinary smoke detectors, the response sensitivity of the laser smoke detector is up to 100 times higher. The detector senses even smallest smoke particles, and as a result, fire fighting measures can be taken very early. The sensitivity can be set to one of nine levels, depending on the field of application.
The new laser fire detector uses the proven loop technology which ensures permanent communication between the fire detection control panel and the detector. In this way, it is ensured that functional checks are carried out periodically. In the event of a short circuit, an integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop line and ensures undisturbed communication outside the affected section.

Due to the use of a laser, the detector is relatively insensitive to contamination and therefore it is also suitable for areas with increased dust formation. In addition, special evaluation algorithms compensate for the contamination of the optical sensing system. In this way, the sensitivity of the laser smoke detector 72051EI is kept constant for a long period of time. The new smoke detector is downward compatible, therefore it is a fully adequate replacement for earlier detector types and also protects existing investments.

Innovation for the protection of people and property
The Labor Strauss Group is a leading European manufacturer of professional building security technology. With more than 200 employees and eleven locations in Austria and Germany, the specialist in the areas fire detection and extinguishing control systems as well as burglar and hold up alarm technology, manufactures innovative high-quality products for worldwide use. Emergency and emergency escape lighting systems have been added to the product portfolio. Manufacturing at locations in Austria and Germany, a high R&D share, customer-specific solutions as well as complete and quick service distinguish the old-established family business with headquarters in Austria. www.laborstrauss.com

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Caption 1: Laser smoke detector protects particularly critical areas of buildings
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